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The Service Kring JOTA-JOTI has prepared a number of articles for  JOTA-JOTI2018. With this you can prepare a piece of technology for your members in your program with your scouting group.

ClaplightMKIIklTHE building package for 2018 is the CLAPLIGHT MKII. You may have seen this kit come along in 2017. We then prepared a small run for the MOOT2017 in Iceland and a small remainder was also offered on the website. This year we have enough in sales.The Claplight MKII can be switched on by e.g.by clapping in the hands, ore when being put into a jar, by tapping against the jar. The Claplight MKII can be switched off with any infrared remote control. Aim it at the print and press a button, the Claplight MKII will now go out. An old remote control, if you do not have one yourself, can often be found at a thrift store.With the switch you can choose on the print whether the Claplight MKII is also switched off automatically. When the switch is in the ON position, the CLaplight MKII is automatically switched off after approximately 45 to 50 seconds.You want to have this kit in your tent because the High Power LEDS give you a lot of light when you go into the tent in the dark..

 Badge 2018 Expedition Cosmos

In addition to the construction package, we also have a themed badge around the theme EXPEDITION COSMOS. (Thank you Charissa)This badge will also stand out in the dark because the stars en theme text will also be visible in the dark.

The Badge is sold out






Then we also made a name tape, With this you can decorate your uniform and show that you participated in the JOTA-JOTI2018 again





Then we have taken a new direction with the supply of building kits.The kits of the last years became more fun, and could do more and more, but the construction time also became longer and sometimes a bit more difficult. We start this year with a series with smaller kits that contain fewer parts, and can be built by younger scouts (with sufficient guidance of course). We called them as "Cubscout kits" as a work name. The cost price of the kits will also be a bit lower.


First comes the lantern: the Latern2018

This building package contains only 10 parts and the PCB. The LED light will come on when you touch the large contact surfaces at the bottom and immediately off when you release. If you press the push button, the LED light will go on at full strength and very slowly. 


A second kit called  in the year theme is the Space Cruiser.


The kit is sold outSpace CruiserKL

Then there is a new choice in the main menu.Technical Games. A creative addition to our team in the person of Jeroen van Kuijk is concerned with coming up with games with all the beauty that we always offer on our webshop. The first 3 games can be found there