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We are a bit later this year than you are used to from us, but there will be nice kits coming, and also the badge and name band.

The name band is already in the house, The badge, and the 2 kits for this JOTA-JOTI 2019 will only be available in the shop at the beginning of September.

Name band:

This year the name band has a green color (Jungle) and clear yellow text JOTA-JOTI 2019 and the thma INTO THE WILD.

This will again cost € 2.00 per 10 items


NB2919 1a






NL: DE Badge JOTA-JOTI2019

The jungle branch represents the theme, into the wild! You will also see the words JOTA and JOTI '19 where the idea behind the JOTA-JOTI is also represented by the antenna, the mouse and the headphones. We also see a key on the badge, this refers to the explanation given by the national JOTA-JOTI organization, they indicated that they had very high goals on escape room and treasure hunt, the key to the outcome. The key is completed with a real scout item, the tie! In addition, JOTA-JOTI is a symbol of encryption, and the kit has digital counting by means of. Bilingual number system, hence the year 2019 is represented in a binary number.

The badge may cost € 0.70 each again


Badge JOTA JOTI 2019



E-badge (Kit)

E badge(kit)

The E-badge is an electronic kit that can be worn as a badge. The (well-known) JOTA-JOTI logo is printed on the printed circuit board. The circuit board has the characteristic purple color, with white print and golden accents. Space is also reserved to write down your name or radio amateur call.

Two LEDs flash alternately on the badge. If the two contact points are connected, the LEDs will flash faster. If you connect two wires to the contact points, you can use this to determine whether objects are electrically conductive. Be creative and create a fun game with it! Game ideas will also be shared on our website.

The E-badge is fed from a flat button cell. If you solder a safety pin to it, you can wear it on your tie or uniform

The badge is simple, and contains fewer parts and may cost € 2.00





Wild-BITs     Wild Bits 2019 mid

Get into the wild jungle or digital electronics with the "Wild-BITs". Do you have any idea what technology is hidden behind the screen of your mobile phone? Every computer, including your mobile phone, uses digital electronics.

Digital electronics use "1" and "0" to process information. These ones and zeros are called "bits." To be able to process the information quickly, they rush through your mobile, your computer and the internet at an enormous speed!

With this kit you can discover interactively how these bits are processed. After soldering the kit together you can connect the logical building blocks with short pieces of wire. You can experiment with logical gates and with binary counters. With this you can build flashing lights, a binary counter, an alarm system or ... If you get to know the digital world you can come up with new circuits yourself and make them in a simple way.

With multiple kits together you can make larger systems. For the real digital wizards among us: you can also use it in combination with an Arduino for example. The Wild-BITs is ideal for the curious Scout!

With the Wild-BITs, the necessary information is available about the operation and examples of experiments. There is also a lot of information on the internet about digital circuits. The Wild-BITs is ideal for an interactive activity during the JOTA-JOTI or a regular turnout.



Only a sketch of this is now available, the final representation will follow soon

This kit may cost € 4.50