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The JOTA-JOTI is approaching, which is why I would like to update the status of items and shipments.
Everything has arrived and we are now working on getting  all the packages shipped with the greatest of urgency. Anyone who has made the order and paid for it before 12 october will still receive his items for the JOTA-JOTI

Thank you for your patience and have fun with JOTA-JOTI 2019



The building description of the E-Badge is in the Building Descriptions section

You can download a shortened building instruction and a Holder 3D print file from the Wild Bits, and the detailed building description and separate

Schema can be found in the download section.An additional document with 44 pages about the possibilities Is now also online




3D stand Wild Bits



Badge JOTA JOTI 2019 bE Badge klNB2919 1aWild Bits 2019 kl

The items for the JOTA-JOTI 2019 can be ordered from now on.

For some items, we still wait for a final part, and we will ship when all parts are in and the order is complete. So you still have 1 shipment with 1 x shipping costs.

Do you want e.g. you can order the name bands earlier, so that they are also sent separately, but then you have more shipping costs.

We guarantee that you will receive your order well in advance of the JOTA-JOTI weekend if you have also arranged the payment on time.