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The preparations for the upcoming JOTA-JOTI 2022 are still in full swing, but we want to show you what we have in mind. The theme we support is TIME FOR ADVENTURE

The badge


Charissa is the designer.

And below you will find the motivation. We have chosen to write the theme in English so that it remains international. All text should be in bold and capital letters. The text is yellow because that is the color for JOTA JOTI Netherlands. The badge has 3 surfaces, land/air/water. This is because you can go on an adventure with and with the JOTA whether you are a land, air or water scout. We have come up with all white surfaces glow in the dark, so those are the 2 dolls with headset, the (cloud) cloud, the cell tower and the white edges of the 3 surfaces. The tie is now dark blue to ensure that there are not too many different colors, slightly less intense than last year 😋 After the summer holidays, this badge will be available on the webshop


The kits

(Water)            There will be a 3D Side boat called THE ADVENTURE This 3D sailboat is built with the circuit board and the lights on it correspond to the navigation lights on boats

(Air)                 There will also be a new version of the Space Cruiser. It becomes White in color with red print

(Land)              Another reissue in other colors will be the Light Mill. This kit has a green print with yellow and blue LEDs All 3 kits come out in a large edition so that even after the JOTA-JOTI there are enough left for a technology program outside JOTA-JOTI times


Zeilbootje1.jpg                                Space Cruiser                                   Light Mil kll

Of course there will also be a nametape, and it will appear on our webshop as soon as all articles are available. That will be from mid/end of August. So keep an eye on http://kitbuilding.org