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This year the theme for the JOTA-JOTI2021 is: COLOR THE GLOBE, COLOR YOUR LIFE. And we made another nice badge for that, and also name bands




Then we also have 2 building kits in preparation, but they will have to wait for aich. The big kit is the LASERGAME MKIII.

- it's a Lasergame that reacts to IR
- you can set two teams: team red and team green which is represented by an LED
- a blue LED indicates the "number" of lives
- the badge will beep and a yellow LED will light up when it's game over

In addition to the lasergame, you can also use the kit as a flashing light and as a tent light with IR remote control. The kit is powered by a CR2032 battery.

To put the kit in Lasergame mode, there is a second print with push buttons. With this you can choose the team, reset the Lasergame and set the number of lives. So if you want to add a nice laser tag kit to your group's game material, or if you want to do a technology program outside the JOTA-JOTI times, keep an eye out for the arrival of this kit.

We now know that the cheaper Cubs Kit under the working name "het Orgeltje", will not be ready for the upcoming JOTA-JOTI2021, There are delays in delivery of some parts. As alternative you could consider to solder the Lantern with Cub scouts.

You can already order the badge and name band


Lasergame MkIII





What is social safety?

Social security within our group means that members feel and feel protected against cross-border behavior in the association. Cross-border behavior is understood to mean exceeding standards (code of conduct) and the law. Such as: morals, embezzlement, bullying, peer pressure, violence etc.
Together with Scouting Nederland, we actively participate in the protection of all members at local, regional and national level. Awareness and prevention are important ingredients that contribute to a socially safe environment.



Code of Conduct

The code of conduct sets limits in contact with minors. This code should be endorsed by anyone who fulfills a position within our Scouting group. We use the Scouting Nederland code of conduct, which you can download here. All volunteers are made aware of this code of conduct at the start of their voluntary work.


DOWNLOAD Gedragscode

Certificate of good conduct

When you think of children, young people and Scouting, you immediately think of play, fun and a challenging life. No one associates these words with transgressive behavior. A mandatory Certificate of Good Behavior (VOG) is one of the measures that the Service Kring JOTA-JOTI  has taken to provide a safe environment within our organization. The Scouting Netherlands Household Regulations offer sufficient possibilities to exclude and / or unsubscribe members in the event of cross-border behavior and  or failure to submit a VOG.

Appointment Policy

The Service Kring JOTA-JOTI has a volunteer who coaches and guides our team members. To ensure that the wishes and expectations of (new) volunteer (s) match with the wishes of our organization, we not only conduct introductory meetings / intake interviews, but we have also agreed in accordance with the Scouting Netherlands Internal Regulations that the first 3 months will be a kind of trial period. to be. We also request a VOG for every volunteer. In the trial period we zoom in further on the substantive function within the team and inform our (new) volunteer about all kinds of training courses that he / she can follow to feel as part of our organization as quickly as possible. As a board, we use various methods developed by Scouting Nederland.

Confidential advisor

Our board members will be happy to assist you in the event of a calamity situation, such as transgressive behavior, an accident or a death. Send an email to our confidential advisor via email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
You can also always contact the national reception team. This team consists of national volunteers who advise group boards on how to deal with this. These volunteers are experienced in assistance and have a lot of experience with these kinds of situations. They refer Scouting groups to the appropriate authorities if necessary. The Social Safety team can be reached 24 hours (after office hours via an accessibility service) on 033 496 09 11 or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dear CustomersZIEK


As you know, the Service Kring JOTA-JOTI consists solely of volunteers.
All activities for the SKJJ and our kitbuilding webshop therefore take place on a voluntary basis and in addition to our families, work and other voluntary work.
Ingeborg takes care of the logistics for us, in addition to the above activities, normally
Once a week. In the first 4 months of 2020, she will also start a rehabilitation program i.v.m. health issues. This will require energy, power and time.
We therefore ask you in advance for patience and understanding that you may have to wait a little longer for your order in the coming period.
She will try to continue to process orders once a week, but cannot guarantee this. If you want to receive your order for a specific date, please note this in the comments box. Then we do our utmost to take this into account.

Dear Scouts,


In the end almost all orders were sent, and we had a very busy time because of problems with suppliers caused all kinds of delays. We want to thank you for your patience.

In 2018 there was a JOTA-JOTI Funcube Challenge, due to some setbacks this year with the construction kits and badges we unfortunately did not have time to make a new Funcube Challenge. We hope to be able to offer a challenge again next year.

A nice JOTA-JOTI desired from the Service circle JOTA-JOTI



The JOTA-JOTI is approaching, which is why I would like to update the status of items and shipments.
Everything has arrived and we are now working on getting  all the packages shipped with the greatest of urgency. Anyone who has made the order and paid for it before 12 october will still receive his items for the JOTA-JOTI

Thank you for your patience and have fun with JOTA-JOTI 2019



The building description of the E-Badge is in the Building Descriptions section

You can download a shortened building instruction and a Holder 3D print file from the Wild Bits, and the detailed building description and separate

Schema can be found in the download section.An additional document with 44 pages about the possibilities Is now also online




3D stand Wild Bits



Badge JOTA JOTI 2019 bE Badge klNB2919 1aWild Bits 2019 kl

The items for the JOTA-JOTI 2019 can be ordered from now on.

For some items, we still wait for a final part, and we will ship when all parts are in and the order is complete. So you still have 1 shipment with 1 x shipping costs.

Do you want e.g. you can order the name bands earlier, so that they are also sent separately, but then you have more shipping costs.

We guarantee that you will receive your order well in advance of the JOTA-JOTI weekend if you have also arranged the payment on time.







We are a bit later this year than you are used to from us, but there will be nice kits coming, and also the badge and name band.

The name band is already in the house, The badge, and the 2 kits for this JOTA-JOTI 2019 will only be available in the shop at the beginning of September.

Name band:

This year the name band has a green color (Jungle) and clear yellow text JOTA-JOTI 2019 and the thma INTO THE WILD.

This will again cost € 2.00 per 10 items


NB2919 1a






NL: DE Badge JOTA-JOTI2019

The jungle branch represents the theme, into the wild! You will also see the words JOTA and JOTI '19 where the idea behind the JOTA-JOTI is also represented by the antenna, the mouse and the headphones. We also see a key on the badge, this refers to the explanation given by the national JOTA-JOTI organization, they indicated that they had very high goals on escape room and treasure hunt, the key to the outcome. The key is completed with a real scout item, the tie! In addition, JOTA-JOTI is a symbol of encryption, and the kit has digital counting by means of. Bilingual number system, hence the year 2019 is represented in a binary number.

The badge may cost € 0.70 each again


Badge JOTA JOTI 2019



E-badge (Kit)

E badge(kit)

The E-badge is an electronic kit that can be worn as a badge. The (well-known) JOTA-JOTI logo is printed on the printed circuit board. The circuit board has the characteristic purple color, with white print and golden accents. Space is also reserved to write down your name or radio amateur call.

Two LEDs flash alternately on the badge. If the two contact points are connected, the LEDs will flash faster. If you connect two wires to the contact points, you can use this to determine whether objects are electrically conductive. Be creative and create a fun game with it! Game ideas will also be shared on our website.

The E-badge is fed from a flat button cell. If you solder a safety pin to it, you can wear it on your tie or uniform

The badge is simple, and contains fewer parts and may cost € 2.00





Wild-BITs     Wild Bits 2019 mid

Get into the wild jungle or digital electronics with the "Wild-BITs". Do you have any idea what technology is hidden behind the screen of your mobile phone? Every computer, including your mobile phone, uses digital electronics.

Digital electronics use "1" and "0" to process information. These ones and zeros are called "bits." To be able to process the information quickly, they rush through your mobile, your computer and the internet at an enormous speed!

With this kit you can discover interactively how these bits are processed. After soldering the kit together you can connect the logical building blocks with short pieces of wire. You can experiment with logical gates and with binary counters. With this you can build flashing lights, a binary counter, an alarm system or ... If you get to know the digital world you can come up with new circuits yourself and make them in a simple way.

With multiple kits together you can make larger systems. For the real digital wizards among us: you can also use it in combination with an Arduino for example. The Wild-BITs is ideal for the curious Scout!

With the Wild-BITs, the necessary information is available about the operation and examples of experiments. There is also a lot of information on the internet about digital circuits. The Wild-BITs is ideal for an interactive activity during the JOTA-JOTI or a regular turnout.



Only a sketch of this is now available, the final representation will follow soon

This kit may cost € 4.50


During the JOTA-JOTI 2018 the JOTA-JOTI Funcube Challenge played for a small audience.AmsatUK

During the JOTA-JOTI, the space cube sent a coded message and the first challenge was to receive the signal during a passage so that it could be decoded.With receiving equipment, antenna and an SDR dongle, the message could be converted into letters that resulted in a text message in code. See the 2nd challenge here.

Then an enigma was needed to decode the text into a correct text.And setting up the Enigma required the answers of 10 questions that had to be looked up on the internet. Then finally there was the solution.

De uitkomst was dan ook:


 And during the weekend the first entries came in already.

IMG 3558 resize

There was an entry from Scout: Roel Botter, age 26, Scout / Ham operator: Martin Cohn, PE2MGA, age 41, and Scout: Roel Botter, age 26, Ham operator / human rotor: Arjan Doek, PA5AD, age 48

Equipment used: 10 element 2 meter beam, SSB 2m head pre amp, 6 element 2 meter beam, Kenwood TS-790, Heavens-Above android app for satellite tracking, laptop with FUNcube-1 dashboard



After a few attempts, the message was received and not with an automatic antenna rotor, but by Scout Arjen.

James from the Sixth Staines Scouts from the UK sent us a link from a movie about their Engima action. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LW-GEFfzyk

REBEKA from the 15 RR VALENTES DE DAVI group from Bazilie, age 15, also sent us a photo of their Fun cube challenge team.

 En Roland van HAM radio: PY4ZBZ en de scouting groep Grupo Escoteiro 86° Mafeking MG photo 2018 10 21 16 30 33stuurde een weblink van hun bevindingen: https://www.qsl.net/py4zbz/fc1.htm

And Roland from HAM radio: PY4ZBZ and the scouting group Grupo Escoteiro 86 ° Mafeking MG sent a web link of their findings:

There were also less complete solutions that showed that the part with the enigma was well done.

After the JOTA-JOTI weekend, several good entries arrived. With the wish to definitely be able to take part in such a challenge again next year

The winner of the FunCube Challenge: Paulo PV8DX from Sao Vicente Boa Vista-RR Brazil was given a battery tester, a morse phone, a signal finder and a lantern next to the name bands.

100 name bands are divided among the 8 groups that have submitted an entry.

The Service Kring JOTA-JOTA supports the national organisation JOTA-JOTI of Scouting Netherlands with a warehouse module with articels like:

  1. Kitbuilding
  2. Name tapes
  3. DVD/CD
  4. Badges
  5. Individual parts

The Service Kring JOTA-JOTI tasks are carried out entirely by volunteers. It may happen that in periods of vacation and camp-periods some delays in shipments occur. We hope for your understanding in this matter.


The Service Kring JOTA-JOTI has prepared a number of articles for  JOTA-JOTI2018. With this you can prepare a piece of technology for your members in your program with your scouting group.

ClaplightMKIIklTHE building package for 2018 is the CLAPLIGHT MKII. You may have seen this kit come along in 2017. We then prepared a small run for the MOOT2017 in Iceland and a small remainder was also offered on the website. This year we have enough in sales.The Claplight MKII can be switched on by e.g.by clapping in the hands, ore when being put into a jar, by tapping against the jar. The Claplight MKII can be switched off with any infrared remote control. Aim it at the print and press a button, the Claplight MKII will now go out. An old remote control, if you do not have one yourself, can often be found at a thrift store.With the switch you can choose on the print whether the Claplight MKII is also switched off automatically. When the switch is in the ON position, the CLaplight MKII is automatically switched off after approximately 45 to 50 seconds.You want to have this kit in your tent because the High Power LEDS give you a lot of light when you go into the tent in the dark..

 Badge 2018 Expedition Cosmos

In addition to the construction package, we also have a themed badge around the theme EXPEDITION COSMOS. (Thank you Charissa)This badge will also stand out in the dark because the stars en theme text will also be visible in the dark.

The Badge is sold out






Then we also made a name tape, With this you can decorate your uniform and show that you participated in the JOTA-JOTI2018 again





Then we have taken a new direction with the supply of building kits.The kits of the last years became more fun, and could do more and more, but the construction time also became longer and sometimes a bit more difficult. We start this year with a series with smaller kits that contain fewer parts, and can be built by younger scouts (with sufficient guidance of course). We called them as "Cubscout kits" as a work name. The cost price of the kits will also be a bit lower.


First comes the lantern: the Latern2018

This building package contains only 10 parts and the PCB. The LED light will come on when you touch the large contact surfaces at the bottom and immediately off when you release. If you press the push button, the LED light will go on at full strength and very slowly. 


A second kit called  in the year theme is the Space Cruiser.


The kit is sold outSpace CruiserKL

Then there is a new choice in the main menu.Technical Games. A creative addition to our team in the person of Jeroen van Kuijk is concerned with coming up with games with all the beauty that we always offer on our webshop. The first 3 games can be found there




During the DvdRA, we received from Hans Boonstra, a satisfied customer, the schedule of an auto power on / off circuit for the bat detector. If you add this, the bat detector automatically switches when you connect a headset.

The days to the JOTA-JOTI 2017 are counted.

But even now I would like to show you some interesting new items.

1   De RF-INTERFACE as a kit ca now be ordered and the usermanual is toegevoegd

2 De Morse Phone user manual is written in the Norwegian Language by Peter Ebsworth uit Forland, Sotra, West Norway.

We were equally excited about how the extension of the Morse Phone would be, but here it is.

It eventually became a circuit board mounted underneath the Morse Phone.You will have a full mobile signal device


Addendum The Morse Phone

Now that a large number of Morse Phones have been sent, we have also received some feedback from our customers and we would like to share them with you

It concerns: thePiezo speakertje,Coil,Tip for construction

The JOTA-JOTI Service Service is now busy with the shipments of the new products for a month. Even in the Netherlands, many orders have already been sent to Europe, and also outside Europe, the world. See the maps below.



This summer was the 15th World Scout Moot held in Iceland from July 25 to August 2, 2017. At this camp Remko Welling along with the Service Kring JOTA-JOTI developed a kit to the MOOT2017 soldering with the participants in the section Radio Scouting and Electronics activity. The kit for this purpose was the Claplight 2017 MKII

Every year, the Service Kring JOTA-JOTI developed a building kit for the scouts to solder themselves and then enjoy themselves with the result.

Morse Phone2017 1

For this year, "The Morse Phone" has been developed, as the name suggests, you can start with this kit with Morse code. The Morse Phone is a Morse-buzzer that can be used independently, but can also be linked with other Morse Phones, communicating, after all, is done in pairs! The Morse Phone is inspired by the Fuller phone. For the technicians, an article on this subject can be found elsewhere on this website. Google also gives a nice explanation of the origin and use of the Fuller phone.

The kit comes with all the components except the 9Volt battery.


De products for JOTA-JOTI 2017 are:

The Morse Phone

The Morse Phone 2017





















The construction description ARE NOW in the download section of this website















The nametape JOTA-JOTI 2017

 1Naambandje2017 3

GD5 0198 3Our secretary was recently surprised by the VERON with the issuing of a gold pin for his commitment to VERON, and SCOUTING. The VERON magazine published the following article:







Here you can see who are behind the JOTA-JOTI Service Circuit.

The photo shows all members by name. Then I would like to mention which posts belong to the members:



In all these experiments make use of the contacts between the blades of the Light Mill. It's easy when you attach a piece of flexible electrical wire here. Stick a piece of tape over the light sensor.



Color  the patches starts and  finish with a soft black pencil (preferably 6B). Slide the metal surfaces
paperclip on the  surfaces, connect the wires to the paper clips. Draw a path through the islands and bridges. If the path is well marked, without interruptions, the mill will run faster.





LM7Lost your wire???
In a pile of wire ends it is sometimes difficult to find the acompanied ends. Try it with the LightMill!





Pak both the end of a wire of the Light Mill bite. Join hands, watching a good look at what happened!



Which materials conduct electricity? Try it with the Light Mill!


Connect different resistances between the wires. What can you say about the speed of the mill and the value of the resistor?