The Service Kring JOTA-JOTA supports the national organisation JOTA-JOTI of Scouting Netherlands with a warehouse module with articels like:

  1. Kitbuilding
  2. Name tapes
  3. DVD/CD
  4. Badges
  5. Individual parts

The Service Kring JOTA-JOTI tasks are carried out entirely by volunteers. It may happen that in periods of vacation and camp-periods some delays in shipments occur. We hope for your understanding in this matter.



Here you can see who are behind the JOTA-JOTI Service Circuit.

The photo shows all members by name. Then I would like to mention which posts belong to the members:



De Service Kring JOTA-JOTI established in November 2008 as an officialPLUSSCOUTkring. After registration with the Plus Scout group committee, the Board of Scouting Nederland, acknowledged the Plusscoutkring called SERVICE KRING JOTA-JOTI.
De Service Kring JOTA-JOTI is then registered at the camber of commerce and also the path from informal association to formal association  is prepared and that the documents are at the notary.


The association has the logo (left from a tuned circuit as a basic circuit in electronics and also proposes a circle, which we also in fact are.Then there is a USB symbol. The symbol for communications as versatile with many different external.